Clean with Vinegar

Cleaning Uses for Vinegar

  • Coffeepot: Add 1 cup of vinegar and 4 tablespoons of baking soda to a boil in teapots and coffee pots to rid them of mineral deposits. 
  • Cutting Boards: Disinfect cutting boards with white vinegar 
  • Stovetop: Add baking soda to vinegar to remove cooking oil from stovetop
  • Oven: Add baking soda to white vinegar to scrub the oven 
  • Microwaves: Add white vinegar into a bowl of water and microwave it for  2-3 min. then wipe out.
  • Dishwasher:  Pour a cup of white vinegar into a bowl (set it on the top shelf) in an empty dishwasher, then run it for a short cycle to get rid of the lime and soap build-up.
  • Tubs and Showers: Saturate a cloth with vinegar and sprinkle with baking soda, and then use it to clean fiberglass tubs and showers. Rinse well and rub dry for a spotless shine. 
  • Tile Grout: Spray white vinegar on tile, leave for one hour, and then scrub.
  • Shower Curtain: Damp a sponge with vinegar to clean shower curtains.
  • Fridge Odors: Rid your refrigerator and freezer of bad odors by cleaning the insides with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water, then wiping dry.
  • Clothes Odors: Add a cap full of vinegar to your washer to rid of smelly clothes
  • Prevent Mildew. Wipe down surfaces with vinegar to clean and to prevent mildew. 

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